Location Data: What’s (Still) Missing

Where Are We? Nobody’s Doing Location Right It’s been 9 years since the first iPhone came out, ushering in the era of location data. In that time, we’ve seen the meteoric rise – and subsequent “plateau of oblivion” – of Foursquare, who vanquished Gowalla. We’ve seen social media flower & fruit, Virtual Reality take root, and, most recently, we’ve …

I’m Not a Math Person

Author Note: In this post I referenced a webcast that was upcoming at the time of writing. The screencast of that webcast is now up. The title’s a lie. I am a math person. But I can’t begin to guess how many times I’ve heard this from people. Even now, when “science geek” is very much in vogue, a lot of people seem to shy away …

“APIs” are a Really Big Deal. Strategy Hats on!

A couple of months ago I was having a chat with a prospective client about where the data-driven marketing ecosystem is going. In his job, it’s important to understand and plan for that. I suggested that we will see a consolidation of APIs, and that he’d be wise to start thinking through the scenarios.

Two weeks later I read about Blockspring, which had recently raised some money from Andreessen-Horowitz. Blockspring is a genius idea, and I’m going to explain why.

A No-Googling Overview of “Data Science”

What does a pile of garbage casting a shadow have to do with “Data Science”? There’s a lot of heady language around these days. NoSQL, “Big Data”, algorithms, animals like Pythons and Pandas, nonsense-seeming words like Hadoop … and a lot of other terms and concepts that are impenetrable to the average executive who is a programmer neither by …

R.I.P. MFMM: A Mobile Media Entrepreneur’s Story

Prologue: I’m launching the Murmuration blog with something I’ll likely never do again: a first-person narrative. A paean to me, it could be argued. Or (worse), a “humblebrag“. But I’ve given this post lots of thought, not only in writing the actual content, but also in whether this ought to be my blog’s introduction to the world. I decided it should, …

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